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Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry Bonn 2008

Conference venue Map Public Transport Lunch + Dinner Library Wireless LAN

Conference Venue

Mathematisches Institut
Wegelerstr. 10
53115 Bonn

Registration, distribution of conference documents

Sunday, Oct. 5, 17-20 h

Monday, Oct. 6, 8-9 h, 14:30-15:30 h, 17:45-18:15 h

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 8-9 h, 15:00-15:30 h


For printing the map, we have pdf files: color, grayscale.

The map also shows the location of the hotels (see travel informations for complete addresses of all hotels):

H1 Hotel Residence
H2 Hotel Ibis
H3 Hotel Krug
H4 Hotel Esplanade
H5 Hotel Kurfürstenhof
H6 Hotel Deutsches Haus
H7 Hotel Mercedes
H8 Hotel Löhndorf
H9 Hotel Rheinland

Public Transport

The conference venue is just a short walk away from the hotels H3, H4, and H5. From the other hotels, you can either walk, or take a bus. First you have to reach the main station ("Hauptbahnhof") - please ask at the hotel.

From the main station, take a bus to "Haydnstr." (on Endenicher Allee), which is very close to Wegelerstr.:
- bus 622, direction "Ückesdorf Mitte", departing from stop E
- bus 623, direction "Lessenich Sportplatz", departing from stop E
- bus 632, direction "Alfter, Oedekoven Rathaus", departing from stop E
- bus 635, direction "Malteser Krankenhaus", departing from stop D2
Haydnstr. is the third stop. The ride will take about 5 minutes. You can buy a ticket from the bus driver. For the ride from Hauptbahnhof to Haydnstr., a "Kurzstrecke" ticket (=short distance, valid for at most 4 stops) is enough (1,50 EUR). If you take another bus to reach the main station, you should purchase a regular ticket (CityTicket, 2,30 EUR) in the first bus; with the CityTicket, you can change the bus.

The stop "Beringstr." on Meckenheimer Allee is also quite close to the math department, and can be reached with the bus lines 620, 624, 625.


Mensa (student cafeteria)

For lunch, the standard solution is the Mensa, a student cafeteria. This is probably the fastest way to have lunch, and also relatively inexpensive. There are two mensa's in walking distance to the math department. The closer one, Mensa Poppelsdorf, is just off the map (but see the marker M with an arrow on the left hand side - it is very close from there). The other one, Mensa Nassestr., is located in the center of Bonn. See the marker M on the right hand side of the map. Note that on Friday, Oct. 10, both mensas will be closed.


There is a large number of restaurants on Clemens-August-Str. (lower left corner of the map), including Italian and Chinese places, a steak house, etc. There are also some restaurants along Königstr., and along Argelanderstr. (i.e. in the area roughly halfway between the conference venue and the mensa Nassestr.). Of course, there are also many restaurants in the Altstadt, the center of the city around Münsterplatz.


The library of the Mathematisches Institut is located in Wegelerstr. 10 on the third floor. Feel free to use it to look up books or journals, or as a quiet place to work. It is not possible to check out books. In the library, there are a few PCs with internet access which you can use. You do not need an account.

Wireless LAN

In Wegelerstr. 10, wireless LAN is available. The essential information you need to connect is this:
ESSID: gast-bonnet
Encryption: off
Use DHCP to obtain an IP address. After connecting, in your browser go to https://gast-bonnet-vb1.rhrz.uni-bonn.de, accept the ssl certificate, and log in with your Benutzerkennung and Passwort, to be found in the flyer which will be distributed with the conference documents. To log off, go to the same page and click the logout button. The flyer contains more detailed information on how to connect with a MS Windows system.